Budgeting and the issue of money can be a marriage deal breaker. That’s why newlywed couple Jon and Erchie maintained that having a similar outlook toward finances has strengthened their relationship as partners.

Let’s take a look at how they handle their budget and how they deal with the issue of money.

Set SMART goal/s and work together towards achieving them

It’s oftentimes heard that marriage is a team work. Financial experts also love to joke that it’s a workshop – the husband works while the wife shops. Discussing goals and helping each other work towards them is what a good teamwork or marriage is all about. This also includes consulting each other when it comes to big expenses or making big investments.

Set a timeframe and know your priorities

Love unites a couple but it’s the commitment that binds the husband and wife together. Setting a timeframe for your goals makes it easier to keep track on how you and your partner is doing. Life may not always cooperate, however, and time frames may have to change. What’s important is both husband and wife talk the changes through and remain clear on what’s most important to them.

You need to have the same vision as couple

It’s important for a couple to share the same vision for their family and how they’re dreaming of building that family. A vision can lead couples apart especially after realizing when it’s already too late and resentment has already built up that they don’t agree on the direction each is taking. That’s why couples should have a big talk on their non-negotiables and agree on how to build a loving and happy married life.

Use fuel-friendly cars with no more space than you need

It’s a practical advice and one that can easily save you more money. Fuel-friendly cars are also good for the environment so that should be another incentive. Adhering to good driving habits and ensuring the maintenance of your car would also help.

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