Heartbeats is an online magazine that serves as an avenue for self-expression and a go-to resource for a variety of topics. It aims to showcase the heartbeat of every Filipino and those who are Filipino at heart.

As a digital content, it features inspiring stories as well as interesting topics that include lifestyle, travel, DIYs, music, entertainment, and even recent news.

Heartbeats aims to foster other Filipino writers looking for a place to showcase their writing talents. It can also serve as a medium for individuals who want their voices to be heard.

Heartbeats believes that every opinion matters just like every heartbeat counts.

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Our Story

In 2001, four 15-year-old bestfriends dreamed of gifting their batchmates with a newsletter where everyone can share stories, artworks and even get a chance to be featured. So Chiqui, Abby, Kareen and Erchie (collectively known as CAKE) put their dream into action and became the founders of their highschool paper. The paper – pooled from the founders’ own pockets and only typewritten, sometimes even handwritten and then photocopied for distribution – worked its magic and ended up uniting the heartbeats of the entire batch.

Just as their highschool ended, many thought that the black and white highschool paper has also seen its end. Yet the same magic that had already worked its wonders once has a way of taking hold. With the spell cast, the highschool paper that started as a dream turned out to have only bid its time before it breathed into life again.

The story of Heartbeats is a story of how a simple dream can be larger than life itself. That’s why this time, Heartbeats version 2 can only dream bigger. Yet some things remain the same. Now in its digital form and with a wider audience, Heartbeatsv2 continues to pulsate from the heart of a dream.


Meet the Team


Kareen Liez

Founder & CEO

Mother of two who works as a freelance writer and editor but she is a civil engineer by profession. She is also a mommy blogger at Pink Heart String.


Chiqui Guyjoco

Founder & CEO

Full-time online writer with a background in the BPO and insurance industry. She dreams of countries and a life lived out of the box. Her heart beats for travel, Hallyu, salmon sashimi and everything nice.

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