For sure you haven’t left home for a vacation without your kids because it gives us the feeling of guilt that we are leaving them while we have fun. Every parent feels that way but you also need to think that we actually need time for ourselves. Sometimes you have to ask yourself about when was the last time you had a “me time” or the last time you went out on a date with your husband.

If your answer is eons of years ago, then it is time that you restore your relationship with yourself or spend time with hubby alone. But you will ask, how about the kids? We will give you tips on how you can enjoy your vacation without feeling guilty that you have left the kids behind.

1. Leave them to someone you can trust.

Of course, you have to leave the kids to someone you can trust. Most of the time, that would be your parents or maybe a close friend or a relative. Choose a person whom your kids are comfortable to be with. If you leave them to someone who can be trusted, then you will not be worrying much about them. Anyway, you’ll be way for just a few days.

2. Explain why the kids can’t come.

Instead of keeping it a secret, tell your kids everything about the trip. Inform them where you are going, who is with you and what you will do. Explain to them well why they cannot come and why you need to spend time alone with Daddy or some friends. For sure they will be able to understand if you explain it well.

traveling without kids

3. Plan activities for the kids.

Before you leave the kids, see to it that you have some planned activities for them to do so that they will not feel bored while you are away. You can even buy them a new toy or some activity books and new movies to watch. Don’t forget to leave money to your parents so they can go out to the park or to the mall during weekends. This way, you are assured that your kids are also having fun at home.

4. Buy them surprises.

While you are away, do not forget to buy some pasalubong for your children. Choose something that they will be very excited to receive. Also, get a souvenir item from the place you visited so they will know where you came from, then tell them a story about it. This way, they will know that you were thinking of them while you are away.

traveling without kids

5. Spend quality time with them when you return.

When you come back from the vacation, make sure to spend time with them. You can take them out for dinner or you can schedule a day at the park or at any place they want. This will make them feel that you missed them and that they are really special for you.

It doesn’t mean that you don’t love your kids just because you traveled without them. Sometimes you really need to leave them at home to give yourself a break. And if you feel worried, just call your parents and talk to the children from time to time. At least, you are updated on what they are doing. So i f you are hesitant to travel without your children, like to think again and consider the points we have mentioned above.

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