Bento Baon Ideas

The kids are back in school again and aside from the school requirements that you need to complete like notebooks and art materials, you also need to think of ways on how to make school fun for them. Kids easily get bored- even in school. So, why don’t you do something to make them feel excited about school every single day? You can do that by making creative Bento baon ideas and lunch boxes for them so that they will look forward to their lunches every day.

If you haven’t tried making them, there are tons of YouTube tutorials which show how to prepare a Bento lunch box. For sure after trying a few lunches, you will eventually get your creative side and you will be able to come up with your own designs. For newbies, try to recreate other’s Bento lunch box creations and if you want some Bento baon ideas, we will give you some exciting Bento boxes below which are inspired by different characters.

Since you will be preparing for your child’s lunch, we collated some super cute Bento baon ideas that use rice. You can also do it with sandwiches too for their snacks. But for now, let us take a look at what we can do with our children’s lunch box

1. Olaf 

Any Frozen fan will love this! What is great about making an Olaf Bento is that it would be perfect for both girls and boys. It is also so much fun to make since you are literally building a snowman in a lunch box!

2. Pikachu

Get that Pokemon! This is perfect for Pokemon Go lovers but instead of catching a Pokemon on their phone, they can have one for lunch. But it does sound weird to actually eat Pikachu!

3. Snoopy 

I actually saw one Bento with Charlie Brown and other Peanuts characters but if you want something simple and easier to make, this Snoopy Bento is for you. Just add some vegetables and other food that will bring more color to your lunch.

4. Smurfs

Even if your name isn’t Blue, you will surely adore this Bento with your favorite Smurfs characters. And hey, you can make one before you leave for the cinema to watch Smurfette and the rest of the gang in Smurfs: The Lost Village.

5. Angry Birds 

Bento baon lunch ideas

For the first time, the angry bird and the naughty pig has something in common- they both look yummy! But I can tell they still don’t get along well.

6. Batman Bento 

Batman lunch idea

Instead of looking fierce, Batman looks cute here as if begging for some meatballs. This is a great idea for your little boy’s lunch! And don’t forget to try other superheroes for your Bento too.

7. Super Mario 

Super mario bento

Whether you love the classic Super Mario game or the Super Mario Run, one thing is for sure, you will definitely love this Bento version of Super Mario complete with the mushroom, the block, and the star!

8. Rapunzel Bento Baon Ideas

Rapunzel Bento baon

Many of us are Disney lovers and for sure we are all digging this Rapunzel Bento but it appears that her long golden locks won’t be there for a long time.

9. Sponge Bob Square Pants

fun Bento baon ideas

Now here is your favorite fry cook from the Krusty Krab but this time he is not preparing the meal because he is the meal. Get your lunch straight from Bikini Bottom!

10. Doraemon Bento

healthy lunch ideas for kids

Even without Nobita, Doraemon looks really cute here and this one looks easy to make since you don’t need to color the rice unless you will also do his body.

11. Stitch

lunch ideas for kids

Speaking of coloring rice, Stitch definitely needs some coloring since he is blue. But don’t worry, I can tell blue rice taste delish too.

12. Wallace and Gromit

Bento Baon character ideas

It appears that Wallace and Gromit won’t leave each other’s side even in a Bento box! Wallace is made from rice while Gromit is made from pork- perfect combination!

13. Chicken Little

Bento Baon for kids

This cute chicken will no longer say that “the sky is falling” as he unconsciously fell into the lunch box. Nice glasses!

14. Baymax

Bento Baon Idea

No matter how big this guy is, he still looks really cute and huggable- even if he is made of rice! After your meal, Baymax would ask, “On a scale of 1 to 10, how do you rate your meal?”

15. Hello Kitty

Bento Baon Ideas

This is one character that has so many Bento versions and all of them looks really cute because hello, it’s Hello Kitty. Isn’t she cute?

Now don’t blame me if your kids are pulling on your sleeves right now asking for a Bento for lunch because all of these Bento baon ideas are just so adorbs! So why don’t you practice making one? For sure, your kids will look forward to the noon time bell so they could find out what is in their lunch box. And hey, their classmates (or even the teachers and yayas) will no doubt take pictures of your kid’s lunch because they can’t help it, Bento baons are totally Instagram-worthy! But I just hope your kid will finish lunch on time after their lunch boxes take the spotlight.

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