The clouds are dark and forlorn in some parts of Luzon due to the southwest monsoon that brought heavy rains with Manila and Bulacan. Many areas were covered in a flood and some roads are no longer passable. Indeed, it is a gloomy day as the clouds continuously pour rain, filling grounds with knee-deep waters that eventually went into homes, commercial spaces and even churches.

But despite the gloomy weather, one couple in Bulacan were still all smiles. Not even the flood nor the heavy rain can stop them from exchanging “I dos” on August 11 in Brgy. Sto. Rosario, Hagonoy, Bulacan.

Against All Floods: Nothing Can Stop Jobel and Jefferson’s Wedding

Jobel Bañares Delos Angeles and Jefferson Delos Angeles did not let the bad weather hinder their desire to be bound as one in church. A video of the bride walking down the flooded aisle is going viral on Facebook after this was shared by the couple’s friend, Khourtney Lozada Lopez.

Jobel, dressed in an all-white wedding gown with a bouquet clasped in hand, walked the aisle of the church through the ankle-deep water. Part of her gown was drenched in the floodwater but instead of being miserable because of the situation, Jobel was all smiles. She proudly held on her parents as she walked towards Jefferson who was waiting at the altar.

The entire entourage walked through the flood wherein some were barefoot and others wore slippers. Although part of their green infinity dresses was soaked in water, the bridesmaids still smiled for the camera as they clung to their respective groomsmen. Even the kids also willingly participated, doing their duties in bringing the flowers and rings.

Many were impressed with the couple’s determination to push through their wedding despite the flood. However, there are some questioning their decision saying that this could actually be postponed. But according to Khourtney, the couple’s friend, the pair’s wedding was already rescheduled many times and they need to continue with the ceremony.

Aside from that, everything is already prepared and everyone was ready to support their special day. What makes it even more special is that apart from the wedding, their youngest daughter was also christened on the same day.

The wedding of Jobel and Jefferson is concrete proof that nothing can stop two hearts that are in love. Indeed, their love is stronger than any flood or heavy rain. The couple served as an inspiration to many and they also bring a positive vibe to everyone who watched the video. It shows that no matter how dark the situation is, there is always a bright side- it really just depends on one’s perspective.

How Netizens Reacted

Jobel and Jefferson’s showcase of love received a positive reaction from the netizens. Many were impressed that not even the flood stopped them to exchange vows.

bride walks flooded aisle

Jobel Bañares Delos Angeles wedding

But there were some who said that they could have canceled the wedding and that the bride only did that to get the attention of many.

Bulacan flood wedding

Of course, there are netizens who were quick to defend the couple.

Philippines flood wedding

There were also people who are hoping that the pair could marry again in a better setting. Hopefully, there are generous people who can help them realize their dream wedding.

Jobel Bañares Delos Angeles and Jefferson Delos Angeles’s wedding is indeed notable. This is one wedding ceremony that will not only mark in the hearts of the newlyweds but also in the minds of those who were inspired by their determination to make a vow of love despite the situation.

What can you say about their wedding?

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