Numbers require smart action plans and even smarter leadership skills. Extraordinary Team Leader Joey shared some of her best practices on leading her team to number one.

Set goals and expectations from Day 1

I never liked to waste time so Day 1 is when my agents should already know what I expect from them, the program’s metrics and our team’s goals.

Attendance is number one


It’s presence before performance. You can always address skill issues as long as the agents show up at work.

Never miss out on communication

Flesh out the pros and cons. Explain why it’s necessary for them to follow, why they should love their work, what they will lose if they don’t listen and what they will benefit if they do. Place yourself in your agent’s shoes and always follow up with What’s In It For Them. To avoid misinterpretations or confusions, I talked to my agents in detail and in Filipino especially on sensitive issues. Then I check for understanding.

Know your agents

I followed a personalized coaching style based on their individual backgrounds and personalities. So if I have a gay agent then I know that this agent’s competitive, creative and hates losing. I had an agent who used to be a priest so I had to use decent words and be conservative in front of him. It’s relationship-building. I ask about their personal lives and check their emotional states.

Never take the fun out of the team

Pressure is good but it has to be balanced with fun. I did plenty of R&Rs like awarding of certificates, giving free lunch or breakfast and special mentions of my team achievers during huddles. We also went on team buildings.

Steer the direction your team’s heading

You’re the captain of the ship. So when you say “Left,” all of your agents should be rowing left. Otherwise, they will sink your boat. I also remind them that there’s the likelihood that those who row at another direction might be left behind or fall off the boat.

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