Born to a Christian family, I really only got “born again” when I turned 21. Back then I only viewed my faith as a religion. That meant only going to church on Sundays, prayers before meals and bedtime, and coming to the altar whenever I felt the need to repent for my “grave” sins. I didn’t really grasp the concept of having a relationship with God.

Then our family business failed when I was in high school. That became one great challenge for a big family like ours. I witnessed the change in our lifestyle including our spiritual lives. I grew up in a private school where most students flaunted their belongings, but in high school, my family had little to no money at all. There even came a point when one can count on the fingers the number of times our family would go to church together in a year. And I, I became this insecure “emo” gal who wanted to act like a rebel.

I thought I knew about faith. I thought that every religion was okay as long as I did no harm to other people. I thought only the church leaders on stage was authorized to share the Word.  I thought I knew about the Bible enough that I didn’t need to go to church anymore.

But in 2007, God connected our family to a church actively involved in music ministry. My father volunteered our family to be the host when they held a concert near our home. After getting acquainted, the church members held Bible study in our place. At first, it was only out of obligation for me to participate. But eventually, some of the members even fetched us from our home so we could attend church services, too. They were very intentional like that.

The youth group in the church amazed me. Most of them were younger than me, but their wisdom and passion about the Word was incomparable. They had this confidence and joy that I never felt I needed until then. Over time, I found myself drawn to this “fellowship” – the key to my spiritual story. From the emo gal that I used to be, God saved me from my insecurities with His promises and daily miracles as I got soaked in His presence more and more.

Now I know that Jesus Christ is the truth and the only way. It’s not about what I do that I might be saved. It’s about Him who wants to save me no matter what. God’s Word is so beautiful that you couldn’t help but share. He renewed my mind in a way that I could still distinguish that turning point in my life.

Contributed by: Kage Espinosa
Kage leads a Victory Group in AIM Victory Makati where she attends the Sunday service and where she used to serve at the kids’ music ministry. 

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