Are you feeling anxious or stressed right now? Well, be kind to yourself and try to get rid of that stressful situation. But if you are already feeling stressed and depressed, you can try eating some food that can help you feel better. You can try any of these 10 foods that can help fight stress:

1. Asparagus

When one is depressed, it is linked to low levels of folic acid. By eating aspargus, it boosts mood-enhancing nutrients in the body which will make you feel good.

2. Avocado

We all know this is a yummy fruit and it does make us feel good. Eating avocado makes the tummy full and it regulates blood sugar. So, why don’t you get an avocado smoothie or a salad for lunch?


Eating this kind of fish will provide you Omega 3 fatty acids. Aside from being good for the heart,it will regulate hormones and brighten your mood.

4. Bell Pepper

It reduces stress hormones in the body called cortisol. So don’t hesitate to eat one. It can actually make you feel better.

5. Chocolate

Now this one is everyone’s favorite. If you eat dark chocolate, you are actually consuming magnesium and zinc that can help prevent anxiety and stress.

6. Oatmeal

Eating oatmeal will help produce serotonin which is a feel-good chemical. Aside from its antioxidant properties, oatmeal also helps overcome stress.

7. Walnuts

By eating walnuts, the hormone called norepinephrine is lowered. This hormone makes you feel irritable and anxious. Hence, it is a plus when you eat dark chocolates with walnuts!

8. Tomato

Aside from preventing inflammation and blood clots, this will help reduce depressive symptoms as well as cortisol levels. There are different ways to eat this. You can either eat a tomato soup or a cooked tomato.

9. Spinach

It isn’t just Popeye who eats spinach to regain strength. You will feel happy once you eat spinach since it increases the production of the brain’s happy chemicals that include dopamine and serotonin.

10. Sesame seeds

When you are stressed, zinc lowers but this can be restored by eating sesame seeds.

So, if you are really stressed today, go ahead and grab any of the above mentioned foods. For sure, you will feel good after that. But remember, it isn’t just the kind of food you eat that can affect your mood. It greatly depends on how you deal with stress, depression and anxiety.

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