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There she was, hair tied in a ponytail, nose between a book, looking as adorable as ever. After pining for her for a while, you took a deep breath and walked up to her. She flushed, stammered, and almost spilled her drinks. Finally, she said “yes” to a date.

You find her quirkiness adorable and thought that one date isn’t enough. You have read the pros and cons of dating a nerdy girl and believe that you’re up for the job. Now comes the question: How to date the nerdy girl and keep her?

Stretch your imagination and be creative in the application. But below are general things that you have to remember.

You Need to be Patient

When you’re dating a nerdy girl, you are bound to hear references that you have no idea of. That’s normal if you’re not into things she’s interested in. That’s why you need patience.

Don’t get frustrated when you’re a bit slow in the uptake when she blurts out random book quotes. You will eventually decipher her codes or she’ll give you the manual. Depends on what level you’ve ascended to and whether you’ve taken out the boss or not.

You also have to prepare to have your ear talked off when she started ranting or raving about a book she’s reading or a series she’s watching. So don’t ask about the difference between Earth-One and Earth-Two or why there are so many Green Lanterns unless you’re ready to sit through a very thorough explanation.

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You Need to be Understanding

If she’s gushing over Cisco Ramon or Leonard Hofstadter, keep your green-eyed monster in check. Even if she’s crushing on her Literature professor or that lecturer on Biochemistry, she won’t be leaving you for them. You have to understand that for your girl, smart is sexy. And if she has the hots for you, it’s probably because she finds your gray matter more drool-worthy than your six-pack.

They can have a lot of interests. And when by a lot, that could mean from science and maths to fantasy and magic. Because of that varying interests, she is always learning something. They would need both your support and understanding when she wanted to pursue a new branch of knowledge even if you have never heard of that field of study.

So you’ve noticed that her books won’t fit in her bookshelves anymore and yet she dragged you off to another book fair again. If you’re dating a nerdy girl, you should know that one could never have too many books. Or too much coffee when she started going through her to-read list.

The worst thing you can do to a person is to stereotype them, especially if you’re dating that girl. She may love her books and TV series, but she’s not all that. Don’t assume you know all about her because you’ve Googled “definition of nerdy girl” or “characteristics of a nerdy girl”. You would be surprised what you’ll discover when you peel her layers.

Be Ready to be Surprised

If she’s into cosplay, you may have to brace yourself to what character you would come home to. If she is a crafty one, you should probably expect to have themed parties or some story-inspired home.

Because they have an amazing imagination and are exposed to a lot of unique ideas, your sweetheart in glasses is a curious one. She would be up to try different things from visiting a car show to going all Mythbusters to your favorite action movie. Anything that piqued her curiosity would be sure to be given a test drive.

dating a nerdy girl

Maybe you have read an article or two on why you should date a nerdy girl. Some have mentioned that buying gifts for your nerdy girlfriend is easy or cheap. They probably haven’t thought about the best gifts ever like the first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone or the first volume of Rurouni Kenshin in mint condition. Not to mention about the collectible items. Some of your nerdy girl’s hobbies can be quite expensive.

On the flip side, they’re amazing gift givers. You have their wild imagination to thank for that. They’re also quite observant when they want to so they would pick up on what you like. So be ready to be surprised with the coolest birthday gift, yet.

Be Yourself

There is a nerdy side to everyone. Maybe yours is about the Fast and the Furious Series or all of Jackie Chan’s movies. They won’t nerd-shame you or embarrass you for being overly passionate over something. In fact, they might even find that adorable. Yep, the same way you find her eccentricity adorkable.

You have accepted her uniqueness and one-of-a-kind charm. She would, in return, accept that you have your own quirks. You might be surprised that some of your passions might be linked or similar to hers. Remember, she has a lot of interests.

To sum up, if you date a nerdy girl and you want to keep her, be yourself and let her be herself. She may often choose comfort over fashion but she could rock it if she wants to. She may blurt some random trivia now and then but at least you know if you have kids, they’d be smart too. She is curious, unique and passionate. And if she could pour her passions over her interests, imagine how passionate she could be for the man who has made her hollow muscular organ that maintains the circulation of blood skip a beat.

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