Two years ago my girlfriend and I needed to work separately. It wasn’t our first time to do so, but then it was different. She decided to work abroad for her family. I didn’t stop her because I didn’t want to hinder her from any of her plans. Fast forward to the present time, I still work in the BPO but our 12-year relationship has already ended because I failed to follow these three major rules. Too late when I realized how I lost a diamond because I was too busy collecting stones.

Staying in love is a choice so make time for it.

There’s a reason why there’s plenty of clichés about time and relationships. If you really want to keep the relationship going, give time to communicate. Don’t spend too much time in team buildings. Give your partner the priority. Use your break schedules and rest days to spend time with them. Though we can’t touch and see them personally because of the distance, the latest technology has made it possible to see and talk to them even if only through gadgets.

Stay loyal

The call center industry is a breeding ground of temptations so it’s even more important to prove your loyalty. Everyone becomes single once they hit the floor. Not having your partner around still doesn’t give you the license to flirt. Show your loyalty by being transparent. Tell your partner about your day, what you feel and what you’re going through. Talk to them about your calls even though they may not be able to relate.

Trust each other’s heart

Don’t accuse them of something they’ve never done. Don’t give them the feeling that you’re doing something naughty since you’re not around. If they get jealous of someone you’re within a picture, explain and don’t get another picture taken of you with that someone. You need to let them feel that their hearts are secure in yours.

Contributed by: Miracle Faye Malit
Malit works as a Team Leader at one of the leading call center companies in the Philippines, a no-nonsense individual but one who’s easy to hang around with because of her grounded, genuine and gentle personality.

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