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Just how waterproof Pinoys’ spirits are when faced with all the glooms brought about by the rainy season? This morning’s segment on @RX931’s “The Morning Rush” asked netizens this relevant question #HowToSurviveTheRainySeason. We’ve read all the tweets and discovered that Pinoys cope with this damp weather in many different ways. From the serious lot to the chill types, from the hot-tempered to those with the funny bones, from the conyos to the opportunists, and then, of course, to those with their hugoats.

There are the serious folks, those who act as Titos and Titas, those mature individuals we can always rely on for sound advice and serious answers.

Then there are the chill types who will never be bothered to be in distress no matter the situation. These are the folks who are wired to look at life calmly then ways to just chillax, making light of any situation.

On the opposite end are those folks with tempers as hot as the sun. Even the monsoon rains don’t do much to lighten up their moods.

Of course, Pinoys with the funny bones will always be present. In fact, almost all tweets are intended to make light/fun of the situation or to just laugh it off.

On the other hand, those with there#hugoats will always prop their heads in conversations. They always find a way to whip out whatever heartbreak, longing or hugoat they keep inside.

Then there are the conyos and the opportunists. The former with their grand ways and the latter with their funny ways of spotting and taking advantage of an opportunity.

Flooding, heavy traffic, unpassable roads, and a gloomy weather all accompany the rainy season that started last June 8. The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) warn of persistent monsoon rains for a few more days or so. While we patiently wait for the sun to poke its head out again, let’s see whether we can agree on any of the thoughts below on how to survive the rainy season.

Serious Pinoys

Chill Pinoys

Hot-Tempered Pinoys

Pinoy Conyos

Funny Pinoys

Pinoy Opportunists

Pinoys with #Hugoat

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