It’s a built-in roadmap that can be every woman’s secret asset.

“Girls are taught to view their bodies as unending projects to work on whereas boys from a young age are taught to view their bodies as tools to master their environment.” That’s what leading feminist and journalist Gloria Steinam said in the 2011 docu film “Miss Representation.” Nutritionist and FLOliving creator Alisa Vitti couldn’t agree more.

According to her 2011 TEDx Talk Loving your lady parts as
a path to success, power & global change
,” Vitti also believes it’s about time women get in partnership with their bodies. It’s the effortless way, she said, that women can be “the fullest expression of themselves” and be the leaders and change agents they were born to become. It’s also how they can turn from being self-critical to super women.

The key lies in understanding the four hormonal cycles women go through every month and how to sync with these cycles. “These natural hormonal fluctuations can be a huge asset once you become familiar with the inherent strengths unique to each phase of your cycle,” she wrote on her mindbodygreen article. So what are these cycles and how can women tap into them?

The follicular phase

When: This occurs a week after your period ends.

Chemically speaking: It’s also when you’re building up estrogen and your eggs come to maturity.  

Neuro-chemically speaking: This is when you’re most creative. It’s when you feel inclined towards new projects and to come up with big, fresh ideas. It’s also the perfect timing to do so.

Cycle sync by: You’ll be consumed with this burning desire for your new project so build up energy by proper diet, exercise and enough hours of sleep.

The ovulatory phase

When: This occurs mid-cycle for three to five days.

Chemically speaking: It’s when you have the most amount of estrogen and you’re most fertile.

Neuro-chemically speaking: This is when you’re most social, communicative and energetic.

Cycle sync by: Take up writing, speaking and social engagements. You can also set this period for matters you’d like to negotiate with your boss or partner.

The luteal phase

When: This occurs 10-12 days before the start of your period

Chemically speaking: It’s when you have the most amount of progesterone and your lining thickens.

Neuro-chemically speaking: This is when you’re most detail-oriented, organized and keen to finish things.

Cycle sync by: Plan out your detail-oriented tasks for this week.

The menstrual phase

When: This is your menstrual period which normally occurs four to seven days.

Chemically speaking: It’s when all of your hormones are at their lowest levels.

Neuro-chemically speaking: This is when both of your brain hemispheres are most connected. This is also when you’re most attuned to your gut feelings.

Cycle sync by: Rest and recharge. You’ll need the extra energy for the next cycle.  Take this time to reflect on your life or set future plans.

Check out Alisa Vitti’s full TEDxTalk below:

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