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Kalanggam Island is one of the most famous beaches in Leyte and is dubbed as a pristine dream beach destination. Tourists and locals flock to the island located in Palompon the whole year round. But it appears that the beautiful Kalanggaman Island needs some rest too since it won’t be accepting tourists beginning today.

The island, which is known for its stretches of white sands and blue waters, will undergo resort repairs and cleaning during the seven-day “beauty rest.” Well, if you are planning to visit the beach this week, you need to reschedule for next week. By that time, the Kalanggaman Island will be more beautiful and even more Instagram-worthy!

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“Parang tao din ‘yan, kailangan ng beauty rest (It’s like a person, who needs beauty rest),” said Department of Tourism regional director Karen Tiopes, according to ABS-CBN News.

The break is part of the island’s  “Annual Nature’s Rest and Recover Break.” Part of the week’s activity is general cleaning of the island, pruning of coconut trees, repairing of cottages and upgrading of amenities.

Adventure Like No Other

Unlike other beach destinations, Kalanggaman Island doesn’t have cottages or hotels around it. Guests will sleep in tents but there are basic facilities and tourists are assured by the local government that they are safe on the island. You wouldn’t worry about people sneaking in your tents or stealing your stuff since there are no homes located in the area and there are policemen stationed there.

So, if you love camping or you want to experience camping, Kalanggaman is the perfect getaway for the entire family or for your special someone. There are available tents and hammocks if you do not have one with you. But good news, there are already beautiful wooden teepees which can be rented for PhP1,000 per night good for four persons. There is also a lovely tree house located at the rear part of the island. Aside from that, their comfort rooms look very nice!

Aside from camping, you can also engage in snorkeling and diving. Dive shops can be seen around the area which offers diving and snorkeling trips to Kalanggaman. If you are lucky, you might even spot some whale sharks while scuba diving! Added to the adventures of the island is a banana boat ride and an exciting jet ski ride.

Before, there are no restaurants on the island. Hence, guests need to bring their own supplies and food. They can also buy fresh fish from local fishermen so you can enjoy a delicious grilled fish for dinner which can be prepared in grilling stations on the island. But this time, there is already a newly opened restaurant which means you can save yourself from bringing lots of stuff during your beach getaway.

kalanggaman island

Indeed, spending a day or two in Kalanggaman Island is totally worth it! But you have to keep your excitement for now while the island is having a seven-day break from July 1-7,2017. Worry not, they’ll be accepting tourists again after the break.

Kalanggaman Island Entrance & Conservation Rates

Teepee Rooms: P1000 Good for 4 Persons
Jet Ski: 4,500 / Hour
Banana Boat: P500 / Ride / 5Pax
Kayak: P150 / Hour
Snorkeling: P200 / 2 Hours
Fat Bike: P150 / Hr

Contact & Bookings: 0917 587 4984
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jeterresortkalanggamanisland/

Images and information from Kalanggaman Island website.

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