Here’s a comeback many Pinoys were hoping to see —it’s Noah’s parents apparently making up. The brains behind this Nido commercial staged the anticipated scene under the pouring rain. No points for originality here but it still tugged at the heartstrings of many viewers. It’s also very relevant — to the current weather, at least.

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At a time when many of us can only dream about curling up in our beds and skipping the horrors of traffic or daily commute which are only made worse by the rainy season,  a one-minute commercial featuring the virtues of getting rain-soaked can warm up even the most bitter from the #hugoat generation.

The most bankable and most prominent rain effect, no doubt, has made it countless of times both on the big and small screens. We can blame Ryan Gosling for that iconic smooch in the rain scene. He scoops Rachel McAdams up in his arms just so they can share a torrential kiss under an equally torrential rain. And while both actors are fully drenched, it’s Gosling’s wet upper clothes that’s become clingy and transparent which adds to the steam.

There’s also that scene in the movie “The Spiderman” where a dangling Tobey Maguire shares an upside-down kiss with Kirsten Dunst. Doesn’t look so romantic but kinda makes you want to try it even just once for #FOMO.

But the rain effect isn’t exclusive to shoving one’s tongue in someone else’s throat. Think about Dao Ming Si who waited hours in the rain on his first date with Shan Cai or their heartbreaking first breakup which also had to happen in the rain.

A screenshot of the Dau Ming Si and Shan Cai's breakup scene in the rain.

There’s obviously a lot of emotions going on while the sun is out of reach. So what is it about the rain that targets the lovers and the forlorn? Here are some reasons why we get soaked with heavy feelings when the rain falls down:

1. It’s cinematic.

In the world of movies and television, a rain scene is irresistible simply because it looks much more cinematic than a sunny scene. Cameras love to capture things that are wet and a pouring rain effectively adds visual energy, mood, and drama to the scenes.

2. It’s a technical advantage.

Sex and nudity help spike the ratings but they’re absent in most wholesome movies and TV series. So enter the rain scene. Rain-soaked characters will naturally have their clothes wet, clingy, and transparent. So it’s kinda like a workaround in the face of censors.

3. It makes our imagination run wild.

Still in the world of movies and television, a rainy kiss will have our lovers ending up with wet clothes. Having wet clothes means having to take them off which leads to nudity and ultimately sex. So although the next scene may not show it, it’s already implied.

4. It’s used as symbolism.

In the world of storytelling, the rain can be used to move the story forward. It’s a literary tool that can be used to add meaning or used as a sign. A rain or a storm can symbolize a bad thing that’s about to happen. Leave a character alone in the rain and you paint a picture of ongoing misery. At the same time, the rain can also symbolize renewal or the washing away of the bad or the old for something good. Rain can also mean fun or a rebellious spirit.

5. It’s calming.

Just like sitting in a shower, getting yourself soaked in the rain can melt away your stress and drain away your negative emotions.

6. It’s a symbol of uncontrollable passion.

What else can be an ultimate symbol of uncontrollable passion than a kiss in the rain? When lovers lose themselves in kissing the other so completely and passionately that they abandon all common sense that’s telling them to get the hell out of the rain and take cover.

7. It makes us feel protective of the person we love.

Jerry Yan as Dau Ming Si in a rain scene from the Taiwanese TV series Meteor Garden 1.

You realize you love a person when all you want to do is rescue him/her from whatever it is that’s causing him/her that unhappy state. That protective instinct especially hits when you love the person. And a person can look really fragile when soaked wet from head to toe or standing alone in the rain.

8. It creates an illusion of intimacy.

When you’re standing in the rain with someone, the rain drains down all the other noise so the only person you hear is the person next to you. When all you hear is the person next to you, you have each other’s full attention. At that moment, the world recedes into the background and no one else matters but the two of you.

There you have it. Next time you’re faced with another rain scene, you know what’s going on behind those wet characters and why they do what they do.

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