My Atlas,

It’s been 30 weeks since we’ve known you’re inside me and yet it still feels surreal. We know you’re in there feeling my heartbeat, hearing your Tatay’s voice, giving us your gentle kicks and seeing you grow throughout the three amazing ultrasounds. Your Tatay and I are both just giddy and scared 31-year-olds trying to get through the motions while anticipating your grand arrival. Who will you look like? Will you be fussy like Nanay or meek like Tatay? How much of me will you be? How much of him will we see in you? Meeting you will be more than exhilarating, we know.

While I’m writing this, I’m also watching a video of Rihanna accepting her Harvard’s Humanitarian of the Year Award; she’s a ball of awesomeness, my little. This makes me think of the learning curves that await us when we start to teach you the ways of the world and of life as we know it. Let me take this chance to apologize early on should we start to hone you for what we perceive to be an ideal human being. With all our might though, we’ll make sure to take the time to ground ourselves that your happiness should always come first, not ours. After all, we are naming you after a book of maps; thus, we should remember that we are all on this adventure together, that as we guide you through the world, you also have your own voice and thoughts, to guide us in becoming better parents, people even.

I hope that this letter would also serve as my own reminder to try our best in not aspiring for your excellence but instead for your heart and soul to be humane. That above all, we would want you to be the kind of person who will make life matter, your own and of others, it could be as simple as being someone who makes other people’s lives easier to bear. May we be able to raise you as a person who will never think of himself greater or lesser than another human being, but instead someone who will always have something to give and to share. It sounds like a daunting task for us but we’ll try, anak.

May we be encouraging and understanding parents who will love you regardless of what you’ll end up becoming — a badass music artist, a philanthropist, a store person, a driver, a farmer, a pirate, an x-wing pilot, a Padawan. Heck, even a dragon slayer.


Contributed By: Maphene E. Ilagan
The expectant mom works as a loan admin at day and reverts to her stargirl self at night, a perky soul whose presence easily lights up a room and one who especially shines a light on her meek husband Kevin’s life.

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