Boxing legend Manny Pacquiao faced defeat despite his powerful punches during his match with Jeff Horn. Some sports analysts and fans of the Philippine senator are upset with the result especially after seeing the scorecard. Many believe that Manny won and that he was robbed of the WBO welterweight world title that is supposed to be his. But despite this, Pinoys continue to embrace him as a phenomenal boxing hero while expressing their dismay about the result of the recently concluded bout.

As a tradition of the Filipinos, many gathered in different areas to watch the fight. Even those in Marawi were given the chance to watch their hero. Provincial government spokesperson Zia Alonto Adiong, who helped organize the public viewing in a social hall in Marawi, said that everyone was expecting that Manny won.

“Our morale is at its lowest but Pacquiao remains a symbol of resilience. In the same way that he is already a boxing icon, this crisis does not define who we are,” she said according to Inquirer.

Pinoys still love the People’s Champ

But even if Manny did not end up victorious, he is still an inspiration to the Filipinos, especially those in Marawi. The battle between the Islamist militants called the Maute group and the soldiers are still on-going. Many lives are already lost and millions of infrastructure were already damaged. Yet, like Manny, the people in Marawi will remain resilient.

Another inspiring thing about Manny is his reaction after Horn’s victory was announced. Instead of being upset, he is still smiling and he even congratulated Horn via an Instagram post with his wife Jinky. While his fans are angry about the result, Manny just smiled. But he later on admitted that there was something wrong about the fight.

Horn ignores naysayers

As for Horn, he said that the backlash and the naysayers is expected but he claimed that he really won the fight. He added that many people believe that he won like those in Queensland and in other parts of the world.

Because of his victory, his career is elevated to a higher level. Aside from that, it will no doubt improve is way of life since he won a guaranteed A$500,000 (£295,000; $384,000), BBC reported.

While Manny’s rags to riches story inspire the people due to his hard work, Horn’s newly acquired riches would be one for the books as he turns into a world champion from being a school teacher.

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