Anyone who will watch the video of Christine Villamora Estepa arguing with the MMDA Officers will be hot under the collar. Netizens are steamed up due to the arrogance of this lady who cannot understand a simple law.

Estepa illegally parked her vehicle and was asked to present her license. However, Estepa kept on defending her side with the inappropriate reasons despite her violation. The video, which spans about 14-minutes, reveals that the woman attempted to run over an MMDA officer which resulted to the damage of the personnel’s motorcycle.

One officer asked her to park on the other side of the road where they requested her to surrender her license, OR and CR. The officers reminded her of the 5-minute rule before towing a vehicle. But she repeatedly insisted that it was not yet 5 minutes when they decided to tow her car. She declined to give her license although the officers said that it is needed to finish the process.

While the officers were calmly explaining to her that she needs to abide the law, Estepa was talking arrogantly. In fact, she teased the MMDA Officer, who is the owner of the motorcycle she hit, saying “Iiyak na yan, iiyak na yan.” Despite the behavior of the woman, the MMDA personnel who were present during the altercation took turns to explain her violation.

Woman Arrogantly Argues With MMDA Officers

Warning: Don't watch if may sakit ka sa puso. This woman, identified as Christine Villamora Estepa, repeatedly asked for her "5-minutes" while pretending to be ignorant of the law just to free herself from paying the 200 pesos ticket and the damages she caused to an MMDA officer's motorcycle. Estepa, who is ironically a Fiscal, declined to present her driver's license. Estepa's husband came to rescue her with his "buntis at dinudugo na" scheme. The pair, along with their "bodyguard," left the scene after getting the ticket without offering any help to the MMDA Officer. Video Credit: Gadget Addict #5minutes

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Instead of following their instructions, Estepa adamantly told the officers not to tow her vehicle and to remove the tow truck from her sight. One of them answered her that they are the enforcers and she does not have the right to order them what to do.

To make matters worse, Estepa’s husband arrived. He said that the situation is just simple and they should have given his wife the ticket at once so that they can leave. He claimed that his wife is pregnant and was already bleeding because of what they did. He even threatened the MMDA officer that he will answer to him if something will happen to his unborn child.

The woman’s equally arrogant husband said that he will bring his wife to the Emergency Room to check her condition since she is already stressed. The pair, along with their “bodyguard,” left the scene after getting the ticket without offering any help to the MMDA Officer.

Netizens are Fuming Mad

The incident triggered the netizens because of the couple’s attitude and how they treated the officers. Because of their anger, many went to Estepa’s Facebook profile and left some comments.

Instead of regretting her rude behavior, she responded to the netizens comments in a boastful and immature manner. Later on, she posted that she already set her account private. Here are the comments on her profile as well as her replies.

Many netizens said that MMDA should do something about it so that everyone will realize that there is no one above the law. Others noted that their high education is useless since they could not understand a simple traffic law. Some netizens doubt that she was indeed bleeding like what her husband said. They believe that it was just their way to get out of the situation.

Estapa Will Face Legal Charges

MMDA official Bong Nebrija

Estapa a.ka. 5-Minute Girl will face the consequences of her actions. Since she is a fiscal, she might lose her professional license as well as her driver’s license. Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) General Manager Jojo Garcia, said that they already prepared a complaint against the woman. They also have a recommendation to the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to revoke her driver’s license.

Radio Inquirer¬†reports that Garcia already talked to Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra about the matter because of¬†Estapa’s profession. Guevarra assured Garcia that they will take some action against the prosecutor.

MMDA official Bong Nebrija, who was present during the altercation, said that there are four charges that they could file against Estepa which includes illegal parking, color coding, arrogant driver, and short chase.

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