Movie magic in the Philippines’ coolest cinemas has never been more fun. Even if you have a state-of-the-art home theater or own a 42″ flat screen, the experience and the ambiance of movie-watching in a cinema is still unique. Cinematography and the CGI spectacle work their magic from a 50′ screen coupled with a kick-ass sound system. The energy of the crowd can also enhance the viewing pleasure, making comedies funnier or horrors scarier.

Going to the movies on a first date is a safe choice because it’s neutral territory. Going to the movies on succeeding dates can be more private than at home especially when the movie starts rolling and the lights go down. Whatever experience you’re looking for, our list of the Philippines’ coolest cinemas has got you covered.

They’re not necessarily VIP cinemas, they don’t all have recliners, IMAX features, a butler or a valet service. What they have is the promise of an awesome experience.

1. Cozy cinema with Throw Pillows

Philippines' coolest cinemas #1: Movie-watchers at Cinema '76 Film Society fill the blue-colored padded seats with throw pillows.

A micro theater with throw pillows on padded seats? Intimate and cozy. That’s what you get at Cinema ’76 Film Society located in San Juan City. It accommodates only 60 cineastes interested in watching hard-to-find indie films and sometimes holds a Q&A with the film’s cast and crew.

2. Cinema for the Night Owls

Philippines' coolest cinemas #2: Movie-watchers at Cinema Centenario watch as a speaker talks in front of the projector..

Next on our list of the Philippines’ coolest cinemas is the Cinema Centenario in Maginhawa Street, Teacher’s Village that runs movies well into the early morning to cater to night owls. Filmmaker Hector Barretto Calma co-founded this microcinema with nine others who share his vision of showcasing local films from indies to documentaries to Filipino classics. The cinema also features unique mahogany seats custom-made from the province.

3. Cinema in a Foodpark

Philippines' coolest cinemas #3: The busy night scene at Yard Streetfood Cinema.

Now here’s a cinema for the food and booze lovers or for those who simply want to go enjoy a night out with friends. The Yard Streetfood Cinema in Timog Avenue, Quezon City has a movie theater inside a food park. A huge projection screen looms in the middle with stalls and seats built around the screen to make sure that you can still enjoy the movie while you munch on your nachos or take a swig of your beer.

4. Outdoor Cinema Under the Nightsky

Philippines' coolest cinemas #4: People sit on a park under a night sky as they watch an open air movie at Nuvali's Night Sky Cinema.


If you’re looking for a more fun-filled movie experience shared with family or friends, Nuvali’s Solenad Cinema in Sta. Rosa, Laguna has got you covered under the sky. Also known as the Night Sky Cinema, it’s a movie theater in a park that starts movie screenings at 4 p.m. It features wholesome movies for the family and even performances of local artists in some events.

5. Cinema with Spa Service

If you want a proper R’nR but don’t have the luxury of time, Mecca Aesthetic Clinic and Spa in Tomas Morato will indulge you with the ultimate pampering. The spa’s a real mecca for those who want a massage and spa treatments while watching a movie at the same time.

6. Floating Cinema

We’re including this last one on our list of the Philippines’ coolest cinemas because we just can’t wait for it to open. The Lakeshore in Pampanga plans to build a floating cinema within its 12-hectare man-made lake. Lakeside residents of the 300-hectare community can enjoy watching movies under the moonlit sky and above dreamy waters.

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