It’s rainy season once again which means it’s the perfect time to snuggle under the sheets, hit that snooze button, cuddle with your partner or indulge in a food trip. When it’s pouring hard outside, the best gastronomic experience often involves slurping down on a hot bowl of a deliciously-filling mouthwatering hearty dish. Good thing Pinoy food for rainy weather fits the bill and easy to find.

Here are 10 Pinoy food for rainy weather we’d love to sit down to anytime these days.

1. Filipino chocolate rice porridge (Champorado)

Pinoy food for rainy weather #1: A bowl of Filipino chocolate rice porridge or champorado with sundried or tuyo toppings in a typical Filipino dinner table.


Champorado tops our list of Pinoy food for rainy weather. Made from glutinous rice, cocoa, and sweeteners (choice of sugar, evaporated milk or coconut milk), the Champorado is a classic Pinoy dish that brings back fond childhood memories. It’s served for breakfast or as a snack and best paired with sundried fish or tuyo.

2. Filipino Rice Porridge or Congee (Arroz caldo)

Pinoy food for rainy weather # 2: Close up of a bowl of Filipino congee or arroz caldo with chicken pieces, whole egg, ginger strips, and shallot toppings.

Photo by marlon maramba

This warm soup has ginger-based broth with rice, egg, and chicken meat. It’s an easy picker-upper that’s perfect for a bad weather. Best enjoyed with tokwa’t baboy (tofu and pork) and sprinkled with a dash of cayenne pepper.

3. Tamarind or Sour Soup (Sinigang)

Pinoy food for rainy weather # 3: A bowl of pork sinigang with tamarind on the background.

Photo by afood

Sinigang is a Filipino favorite though not necessarily a trademark for being a Filipino. It’s characterized by its sour broth soup from the tamarind’s flavor and can trigger nostalgic memories from the time when lola or nanay cooked it for family meals.

4. Bulalo

Pinoy food for rainy weather # 4: Close up of a large bowl of Bulalo with beef shanks, bone marrow, and string beans.

Photo by kit kat

A must-have Pinoy food for rainy weather, Bulalo can make an otherwise gloomy rainy day seem festive. This hot stew is the ultimate comfort food with its juicy bone marrow, pieces of beef shanks, and a flavorful beef broth.

5. La Paz Batchoy

Pinoy food for rainy weather #5: Closeup of La Paz Batchoy with egg noodles, egg slices, pork meat, and shallot and garlic toppings.

Photo by pulaw

This Ilonggo dish with its roots in Iloilo’s La Paz district is a go-to noodle soup. The noodles are made from fresh eggs and the soup is garnished with pork meat, pork innards, and sprinkled with spring onions. Serve hot with a raw egg on top or make it even more appetizing by topping it with another Pinoy favorite — crushed pork cracklings or Chicharon.

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6. Creamy chicken sopas

Pinoy food for rainy weather #6: Closeup of creamy chicken sopas with elbow macaroni pasta. chicken bits, and shredded veggies.

Photo by red_rigor

This elbow macaroni soup is a favorite among the young and the young-at-heart. Made of macaroni pasta, creamy milk, shredded chicken, and choice vegetables; it’s served for breakfast or for a midday snack. Pinoys have become creative in its ingredients and have also used corned beef, hotdog, ground pork, liver, or eggs especially in the absence of chicken.

7. Batangas Lomi

Pinoy food for rainy weather #7: Batangas lomi with egg slices, liver and pork bits, and crushed chicharon.

Photo by Karla Vanessa Redor

A famous soup dish from Batangas, Lomi features egg noodles, a thick broth, and sautéed toppings of pork, liver, and chicharong bulaklak. It’s become so popular that almost every province has their own version of this Lomi. Season it with kalamansi and fish sauce or soy sauce and consume while steaming hot.

8. Ginata-an

Pinoy food for rainy weather #8: A bowl of Ginataan with glutinous rice balls small sago, taro, etc.

Photo by Chboogs Putipina

A spoonful or even just the sight of the colorful Ginata-an can fill you up with warm childhood memories. Served as dessert or merienda, it’s a classic Pinoy comfort food that doesn’t lose its magic whether consumed hot or cold. This sweet dish is also packed with nutritious ingredients such as sweet coconut milk, glutinous rice balls, saba banana, jackfruit, taro, sweet potatoes, and galapong.

9. Tinola

Pinoy food for rainy weather # 9: A bowl of Tinolang Manok with chicken pieces, sayote or green papaya, and sili leaves.

Photo by jndbelg

One of the most popular Filipino food, Tinola is a ginger-based dish with chicken, garlic, sayote or green papaya, and malunggay leaves. You’ll find this nutritious and heart-warming dish as a main viand on Filipino tables. It’s a Pinoy food for rainy weather but also even when the sun’s up and about.

10. Goto and Tokwa’t Baby

Pinoy food for rainy weather #10: A bowl of Tokwa't Baboy on the left side and a bowl of Goto on the right side.

Photo by arisushen

Goto is a traditional Filipino congee with ox tripe and pig innards. It’s an affordable and filling meal and best eaten with tokwa’t baboy (tofu and pork) drenched in soy sauce, vinegar, salt, sugar, pepper, and chili.


Pinoy food for rainy weather isn’t restricted to the cold season. To be honest, rain or shine, Filipinos will always be in the mood for food. We’re always just finding excuses.

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