Many of us are familiar with the public health warning from cigarettes that says, ” Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health.” But did you know that even food and drinks will soon include a similar warning once a new law is approved?

The House of Representatives recently proposed a new law wherein advertisements for salty and sugary foods and drinks are required to bear a public health warning. AANGAT TAYO Party-list Congressman Harlin Neil Abayon initiated House Bill No 5964 titled ‚ÄúBroadcast, Webcast, and Published Warnings on Foods High in Sodium or Sugars” which seeks all marketing tools to include a warning for all food and drinks ads and commercials.

The warning is needed if the sugar or sodium content is at least 20% higher than the recommended limit intake in the most recent Recommended Energy and Nutrient Intake (RENI) adopted by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI).

According to Abayon, he proposed said law so that the Filipinos will make smart food choices. He added that we save up money while we are young but once we reach 40 years old, we begin to experience various illness as a result of what we eat years ago. Because of that, one’s savings are just used for medication instead of spending it for the family.

One goal of the law is to help prevent lifestyle diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and kidney disorders, which are the top killers in the country. Once approved, food and drink ads will have the following text:

In Filipino: Nakasasama sa kalusugan ang pagkain o pag-inom ng labis na maalat o matamis dahil maaaring magdulot ito ng pangmatagalang mga sakit na maari maging sanhi ng pagkabaldado o kamatayan.

In English: Ingesting food and beverages that are high in salt and sugar are harmful to your health because they can, in the long term, cause diseases that can lead to your permanent disability or death.

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