When one gets married, it isn’t just about being committed to the person you have vowed love with. But it also means that you will be there to help each other in times when you encounter problems and challenges. It is said that marriage is not a bed of roses- which is true. We have to remember that as we take the rose, what goes with it are the thorns and not just its beautiful petals.

That is why you shouldn’t wonder why you encounter different marriage problems as you stay with your lifelong partner. There are different reasons why couples fight. This includes the following:

1. Tiredness.

We all get tired not just from a day’s work but also from the daily chores at home. If the wife stays in the house, some husbands think that they are doing nothing. The truth is, they are busy doing so many chores and the work never ends! It is also tiring to take care of the children. If both of you works in the office, then you have to consider that you are both tired from work and you should try to make each other feel better.

2. Financial matters.

There are two reasons why you would fight over your finances-its either you are facing financial constraints or one of you is not spending money smartly. Hence, you have to talk to each other and budget your money well. If one needs or wants to buy something, it should be consulted to his or her partner.

marriage problems

3. Parenting.

Since both of you grew up in different families, there is a big possibility that your parenting style varies. The mom might not hesitate to scold the kids but the father might not agree on scolding the kids at all. Most of the time, dads would give what the kid wants instead of saying no which the mom doesn’t conform with. To avoid problems, you need to talk to each other about what you will do to discipline the kids and other parenting matters.

4. Petty misunderstandings.

Whether you agree or not, there are really times when you disagree on simple matters. Like if your husband removes his socks and just dump it on the floor instead of placing it in the laundry- small thing, right? But if you already told your husband about it but he still does it over and over again, then it will cause quarrels. That is why it is important to respect each other.

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5. Jealousy.

Well, I am not saying that in every marriage there is a third party. That doesn’t happen in all relationships but jealousy is more common. You might have a workmate that is close to you and your husband doesn’t want you to talk to that guy for some reasons. Or your husband might be talking on the phone with his workmate even after working hours and it doesn’t please you. To avoid more problems, talk to your partner about how you feel so you can discuss it and decide on what to do.

Yes, marriage is not a bed of roses indeed. Problems and marriage challenges are normal. Fights and misunderstandings always happen. But we have to make sure that we talk about it and settle the matter before that small grain of problem grows into a mountain. And if you start to fight a lot, try to stop arguing and start keeping quiet. Others even give each other a little time to think things over so that they will realize what is really going on.

As long as you still love each other, you will no doubt overcome whatever problem will come your way. Just don’t forget to ask for God’s guidance before making decisions. And always remember what you promised to your partner before you got married and during your marriage vows.

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