Hallyu stars Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki announced their plans to tie the knot Oct. 31. While the news of an onscreen romance blossoming to real life made many fans ecstatic, some can’t help but be skeptical of the whirlwind romance and the couple’s rush to get married. Did they feel pressure from the media after photos of their dating abroad leaked out or is Song Hye Kyo already pregnant?

Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki broke the news to the media Wednesday through their respective agencies and stated, “Because marriage is not so simple but rather involves both of the family, we were very careful with everything – it is a very sensitive and significant moment in everyone’s life and that is why we’re giving out this statement now. We hope everyone understands. We would like to ask for many blessings for the beautiful future of the two individuals, and the two actors will also share the news with their fans.”

A friend close to Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki also revealed more details through an exclusive interview with media outlet OSEN as reported by Koreaboo. The common friend said, “The two of them began falling in love last February, before Descendants Of The Sun began filming. The drama started filming mid-2015, and only aired after it was completely filmed.”

“Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo showed romantic interest in each other since that moment,” added the source. Early last year Song Joong Ki surprised Song Hye Kyo while she was at a photoshoot with snacks. This was even before the show started airing so the staff on scene wondered why Song Joong Ki would randomly show up to her photoshoot. In hindsight, everyone realized that they had begun developing feelings for each other.”

Song Hye Kyo reportedly felt uncomfortable dating another celebrity but the 31-year-old actor succeeded in putting her feelings at ease through his efforts. The couple also repeatedly denied to the media their relationship although they accompanied each other during work overseas.

“The two of them never tried too hard to hide their relationship,” explained the couple’s friend. “They told those they trust, and when someone asked them if they were dating, they didn’t confirm or deny it. However, they didn’t want the media to reveal their relationship before they could themselves. They believed that it was their duty to tell fans first.”

With their wedding plans already confirmed, Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki’s families have been revealed to have already met each other. The 35-year-old actress also denied pregnancy rumors through her management label UAA (United Artist Agency) which stated, “This rumor is completely groundless.”

Timeline: How Love Descended On The SongSong Couple

April 2015

Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki confirmed to star on new drama written by Kim Eun Sook

February 2016

“Descendants of the Sun” first aired on KBS2

March 2016

Netizens notice SongSong couple wearing “couple bracelets” on the drama

Image Source: Allkpop

US date

Image Source: Song Hye Kyo’s Instagram

The SongSong couple was spotted shopping together in the US and dining in New York.

Song Hye Kyo’s label UAA Entertainment denied, “Her dating Song Joong Ki is completely untrue.  There’s not even a need to make an explanation for her ‘date’ in New York with Song Joong Ki. Song Joong Ki is a close colleague and junior.”

Song Joong Ki’s label Blossom Entertainment also said, “Calling it a dating rumor in itself is getting too ahead of yourself.  This is untrue.”

April 2016

Song Hye Kyo talks about marriage plans

According to allkpop, Song Hye Kyo shared her thoughts on marriage after being asked in an interview if she ever plans to get married. She said, “Yeah, I do think about it. It’s about time. Sometimes I feel like I need to rush, but sometimes I just think ‘Why do I need to marry when I am doing what I want, and enjoying my life?’, but I guess I have to get married some time, right?”

Group date while promoting “Descendants of the Sun”

Image Source: Song Hye Kyo’s Instagram

Song Hye Kyo talks about Song Joong Ki

Image Source: Song Hye Kyo’s Instagram

Song Hye Kyo shared her thoughts about Song Joong Ki in an interview with Sports Chosun, according to allkpop. She said, “In the viewers’ perspective, I mused, ‘So that’s how charismatic [Song Joong Ki] is,’ and I thought, ‘That’s why people like him so much.’ My heart was all aflutter watching the confession scene.”

She also added, “As a person, Song Joong Ki is kind, hardworking, and polite with good manners. It’s as everyone says. What people liked him about on set is that he was consistent. When people are having a hard time, they can act irritable but with Song Joong Ki, he was the same from beginning to end. He may be younger but I believed I had a lot to learn [from him]. Actors like him are rare these days. When I look at younger actors, there are many who aren’t like him.”

Kissing scene took more than 100 takes, revealed “Descendants of the Sun” director of photography Kim Si Hyun

“Descendants of the Sun” final airing on KBS2

Image Source: Song Hye Kyo’s Instagram

June 2016

Song Joong Ki says he’d like to shoot a romance film with Song Hye Kyo in 30 years

Image Source: Song Hye Kyo’s Instagram

Song Joong Ki said he’ll keep his romantic relationship a secret

“I enjoy dating in secret,” the actor was quoted as saying. “I do not wear hats when I go on dates to make people not suspicious and they will think we are just friends. We also don’t visit the city; we rather date in remote areas where there are elders. If I get a girlfriend, I won’t spill the beans. But if I get caught, I’ll officially acknowledge the relationship.”

August 2016

Song Hye Kyo sends Song Joong Ki a coffee cart to the actor’s filmset with a personal message, “Hang in there, Song Joong Ki and ‘Battleship Island’ staff!!”

Image Source: Coffee Pong’s Instagram

September 2016

Chinese social media networks reportedly circulated rumors that the SongSong couple plans to secretly wed and that Song Hye Kyo is already pregnant.

Image Source: Song Hye Kyo’s Instagram

The couple’s labels stated they’re just good friends and added, “It’s definitely not true. It’s ridiculous. We’re just laughing about it.”

October 2016

Song-Song couple wins the President’s Award at the 2016 Korean Pop Culture and Arts Awards.

Image Source: Song Hye Kyo’s Instagram

November 2016

Song Joong Ki makes a surprise appearance at Song Hye Kyo’s fan meeting to celebrate her 20th anniversary in the industry.

Image Source: Song Hye Kyo’s Instagram

Fans were touched after Song Joong Ki walked back on stage with a tissue as the actress started crying while reading a letter dedicated to her fans.

December 2016

Song-Song couple appears together at the 2016 KBS Drama Awards. They won the Daesang Award (Grand Prize) and praised each other during their speeches.

Image Source: Song Hye Kyo’s Instagram

“I cried a lot during filming whenever I got stressed, so much so that my nickname was crybaby,” said Song Joong Ki during the acceptance speech. “I give all credit and honor of this award to my partner Hye-kyo nuna, who is a great senior and the most beautiful and lovely partner. Thank you, Hye-kyo nuna.”

Song Hye Kyo praised him back when she said in her speech, “Most of all, I believe I am able to receive this award thanks to having met the best partner I could hope for, Mr. Song Joong-ki. I thank him once again.”

January 2017

Tokyo date

“Song Joong Ki revealed his feelings for her on this day at Tokyo,” revealed a friend of the couple.

Song Joong Ki purchases a house in Itaewon-dong, Seoul for 10 billion won ($8.9 million)

A luxury house that Song Joong-ki bought in January in Itaewon-dong, Seoul
Image Source: Jie Ye-eun/The Korea Herald

Many now speculate this could be SongSong couple’s new home together.

March 2017

1st anniversary of “Descendants of the Sun”

Image Source: Song Hye Kyo’s Instagram

June 2017

Bali date

Song Joong Ki stayed in Bali from June 7 to 13 while Song Hye Kyo stayed from 4 to 14.

Chinese media Sina.com reported spotting the couple at Nusa Dua

Song Joong Ki’s label Blossom Entertainment denied, “Song Joong Ki went on a trip to Bali with his friends before promotions for his movie started. He just went on a personal vacation. He did not know of Song Hye Kyo’s plans.”

MBC’s Section TV investigative episode exposed the couple’s romantic relationship and leaked proof they were together in Bali.

Song Hye Kyo’s label UAA Entertainment denied, “We haven’t even seen the episode in question and we don’t know what MBC’s Section TV reported on exactly. They’re not worth giving a time of day. They say they have an eyewitness… Who exactly is this eyewitness? Section TV is not worth responding to.”

UAA Entertainment also stated, “She did go to Bali, but she went there for a different project meeting, and it’s been confirmed she didn’t meet Song Joong Ki while there.”

July 5

SongSong couple announce wedding date

Image Source: Song Hye Kyo’s Instagram

Song Joong Ki’s mother releases a statement, “I am happy. It’s great news.”

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