Girl Stabbed on Neck

A girl was stabbed behind the neck with a stick by a homeless man who also appears to be mentally ill. Facebook user Wee Hong Teo shared videos and photos to show what transpired during the unfortunate incident.

According to a witness, the girl was just going up the footbridge in Quezon City when the man suddenly stabbed her after retrieving a stick. Upon seeing what happened, pedestrians went to help the girl and cornered the man.  They hit the man at fault and dragged him. One furious man was caught on camera while he was kicking the suspect.

Girl stabbed with stick

A photograph shows the girl sitting while using her phone. She was then carefully brought inside the tricycle so she can get medical attention from the hospital. A Facebook user commented that if the stick will stay long on her neck, it might cause her death.

However, in a report by ABS-CBN, the person at fault is only 24-years-old and is suspected to be using drugs. When asked why he did that to the girl, he cannot give a clear answer. The interviewer asked if he did it just for fun and the man nodded.

The Quezon City Police Department is currently working on a case of frustrated homicide against the man. There is no update yet about the victim.

drug user stabs girl

What Netizens Think

Netizens had mixed emotions about the incident wherein some pitied the girl while others expressed their compassion to the person, whom they believe is mentally ill.netizen opinion

There are others who expressed their fear of going out to the streets because of what happened.Afraid netizens

Upon knowing that the man is suspected to be influenced by drugs, many netizens expressed their anger towards the man.Angry netizens

Many also prayed for the safety of the girl. But here’s one commenter who triggered anger from other netizens.

Girl stabbed by addict

How about you? What are your thoughts about this?

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