Joey Evora is a transgender woman who never planned to enter the call center industry. She worked as an Overseas Performing Artist in Japan for seven years while her Japanese-Brazilian boyfriend promised to provide for her when she returned to the Philippines. He didn’t want her to go looking for work. Besides, she had an apartment business in Pasig to look after. But she got bored and so she applied on Jobstreet. A BPO company responded to her application, she got hired and eventually broke up with her boyfriend. What she thought would only be a stint lasted for 10 years and four months.


Ever since she got promoted, she became the Team Leader to beat. Joey swept all the awards for every program and client metric and was always the TL who enjoyed client incentives like staycations at Sofitel and Makati Shangrila. Even when the program reshuffled her team or even when they threw her the newbies, the outliers and the difficult agents, Joey’s team consistently stayed number one on the Balance Score Card. Most of her fellow TLs wondered how she did it. So they listened on her agents’ recorded calls to investigate more than to understand. Yet her team constantly turned out clean.

So how did she do it? Joey says it must be because she’s a Virgo. She’s a perfectionist who gives her all to anything she does. Her competitive spirit shone through even in her younger years when she competed in various beauty pageants. Her titles include Ms. Gay PLM 1994, Ms. Gay Chinatown 1994, Ms. Gay Philippine World 2002 and Ms. Stream 2011.

She made sure all of her agents knew from Day 1 that their TL’s this competitive person with a sense of pride who won’t settle for anything mediocre. Her team’s not so well-kept secret? Their target always exceeded the program’s metric goals.

They balanced across all metrics and knew that it’s not enough to be number one once. One has to be consistent. A bad month may knock them down but they picked themselves up immediately. “Doesn’t it feel so good to walk in the middle of the floor knowing you’re the number one team?” she constantly stoked their morale. She called her team the “Section One,” the “crème of the crop.” “Let’s make ordinary things extraordinarily right!” was Team Joey’s battle cry. She believed her agents still picked up her presence even when they’re already at home.  

Images owned by Joey Evora.

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