We usually think of the Filipino Design style as tropical. What not most of us is aware of is that it’s also unique. From the traditional bahay kubo, the Filipinos have incorporated influences from the Chinese traders as well as Spanish and American colonizers. What emerged was the bahay na bato and a Design Style we can proudly say truly Pinoy.


The Filipino interior design favors the neutral palette. We see a lot of grays and browns inside a typical Filipino house with even the fabrics colored in white. This paints a calming horizon and a home that induces relaxation.


The typical Filipino furniture comes heavy-set, intricately carved and made out of wood. We make use of earthy materials such as narra, kamagong, mahogany, bamboo, coconut, recycled lumber, native stones, and mat weaving. Though we fashion furniture similar to the classic European styles, Pinoy furniture uses solihiya (woven cane) that results to a unique and purposeful design.


Accessories such as banigs (sleeping mats), rugs and fabrics add colors to the room. What’s also uniquely Pinoy are the accessories and lighting fixtures made of indigenous materials such as capiz shells, seashells, pearls, abaca, rattan and bamboo.

Walls and Floors

A typical Filipino home can be made entirely of wood, stone or a combination of the two like the bahay na bato. Floors can be made of wood, stone, Vigan tiles or Ara-al (Philippine slate). Walls can also be made of stone, wood, and recycled bricks that were once parts of old wells and cisterns. Houses usually have large windows with panes made of capiz or small windows also known as Ventanillas.

How it makes you feel

If there are two words to describe the Filipino Design Style, it’s resourceful and thoughtful. It makes use of native materials that results in a tropical look. It’s also carefully designed in such a way that owners of the house can shield themselves from the hot or unpredictable weather. It’s airy, warm and inviting enough for guests to feel welcomed and right at home.

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