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A family trip is one of the things I look forward to when I was growing up. It’s kind of sentimental for me because that is how my family bonded. My father would take us to visit historical places, to picnics and to beach swimming. It was always exciting to see different places and to learn new things.

Growing up, as I went on my own trips with friends, my love for traveling deepened. And now, years later, it’s still my favorite way to relax. A family trip may only be for overnight, 3-4 days or longer, and that would entail preparation of sorts. Here are the things to consider when planning a family trip:

1. Your travel companions

Who is coming? Is it just you, your husband and the kids? Will some of your relatives come with you? You must know for sure how many are coming so you can check hotels and your transport.

2. Location

Where are you going? Knowing where to go would make you have ideas on the activities you’ll be doing, and the things you’ll be bringing. If you’ll go in the summer, you can go hiking, camping or swimming. If you don’t have much time or if it is the rainy season, you can choose to have a staycation. If they still like to swim, you can look for a hotel which has an indoor pool.

3. Time and Date of Travel

When are you going? Is it during the summer? During winter? This will prepare you on the things and the clothes you will bring. You can also check the weather of your destination a few days before you leave just to make sure.

4. Things to Do

What will you do there? You have to consider the activities your family likes. One time, my family wanted to go out of town for swimming. But some wanted to swim on the beach, some on the pool. Some of them wanted to explore the town instead. So, what I did was to find a resort on a beach with a pool that also offers tours. It was a bit difficult but at least I knew everyone was going to have a good time. You also have to create an itinerary so that you can make the most out of your stay there. The more specific it is, the better. It will help to research the top things to see and do of the place you’ll be visiting.

family trip planning

5. Budget

How much is your budget? List down how much is the transportation, accommodation, activities, and food. You can check the website of the place where you’ll be staying so you can have an idea how much they charge. You can also check other travel blogs or reviews or ask someone you know who has already been there.

6. Transportation

How will you go there? Are you going by land, air or sea? Are you going hire a tour agency or make it DIY (Do it Yourself)? You might need to prepare some documents like printed hotel confirmation and tickets. You will also need to plan your exact route and day to day itinerary.


In planning a family trip, research is always the key. Gather information first and drop them one by one as you narrow down your search. For me, it takes careful planning so your whole family can fully enjoy your outing. We plan months in advance so that if there are activities we want to do, we can still save up, so we can live it up once we’re there.

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