Since Uber is suspended, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) is giving Uber drivers an option to transfer to Grab or U-Hob. Apart from that, the drivers will also be receiving financial assistance from Uber.

It was announced on August 17 that Uber drivers can switch to either Grab or U-Hop provided that they will have a proof of Uber accreditation and a proof of insurance coverage. Having the proof of accreditation manifest that the drivers “must be in our list as submitted by Uber under oath,” Aileen Lizada, LTFRB board member said.

Drivers to get financial assistance

Meanwhile, Uber will give financial assistance to its 66,000 drivers in varying amounts. The amount they will receive will depend on their work performance for the past 28 days. It will be based on the average collected fare for said period and the drivers will get the same amount. The assistance will be deposited the bank accounts of the drivers.

Uber sent out emails to the drivers saying that they are giving the financial aid while they are still trying to fix the issue with LTFRB. Uber filed a petition to convert the suspension to a fine. As of press time, Uber is suspended for one month, beginning August 15.

The appeal of the ride-hailing company will be heard on August 23.

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