Some people walk with a seeming halo on top of their heads. It takes knowing someone like Kage Espinosa to believe that angels exist. Her tall height and slim figure make her look like the ideal flight attendant that she’s dreamed of becoming once, but it’s her bright smile and kind face that makes her look like an angel on Earth.

Kage holds a regular day job at the central bank on weekdays and, on weeknights, she attends classes for her master’s degree at UP Diliman. On weekends you can catch her doing a bunch of different things, donning several hats. She could be Chef Kage who loves fixing home-cooked meals, the insatiable learner Kage who attends swimming classes, the Nang Kage who gives guitar lessons to younger peers and even the adventurous Kage who likes to explore new places and try out new things, like painting.

But it’s Sundays that Kage shines the brightest. That’s when she puts on the most important hat of all and found a calling beyond herself. Kage is Nang Kage the Victory Group leader, who once dedicated her time to the music ministry at kid’s church in AIM Victory Makati, who spends an hour and a half for church service and then afterwards a couple of hours or more for fellowship to her VG group of female Christians, mostly young professionals working in the business district.

She’s been a VG member for five years before fate would have it that she leads one herself. For Kage, being a VG leader means serving God through sharing and studying His Word with fellow believers and unbelievers alike. She says that being a part of fellowship has continually changed her worldly perspective. Listening to the members’ testimonies reminds her of God’s faithfulness and has taught her not to rely on self but on God alone, especially when He’s shown her miracles.

Like many unbelievers, Kage claims she also used to think of the Christian life as boring. Now she thinks it’s only a head knowledge about Jesus and that being a Christian means being chosen, forgiven and beloved. “To experience Jesus, it’s indescribable. This uncontrollable joy, they need to experience,” shared Kage, who likes surprising birthday celebrants with birthday cakes and the VG leader who’s become more like a sister or a friend to the members.

Life, according to one of her favorite Bible verses, can be as fleeting as “a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes away.” Kage takes this to heart by making time in her busy schedule for what truly counts and by stretching herself to her utmost potential. Not because of the fear of missing out, but because of her desire to seek first the Kingdom of God.

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