“Thank God It’s Friday!”or “Friyay!” is what we usually hear from those who go to school and those who have 8-5 jobs. Everyone can’t wait for the weekend to come to get some rest and do something exciting with family and friends. But holidays and long weekends are even better since it means we can visit a dream vacation spot and crash an item from our bucket list.

Now that it’s July, are there any holidays left aside from Christmas? Yup, there is still a reason to celebrate since you still have a chance to grab your travel kit for your next vacation even if summer is over.

In August, there are two holidays- on the 21st is Ninoy Aquino Day which means a long weekend and on the 28th is National Heroes’ Day.

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Although there aren’t any holidays in September, you have time to unwind on October 31 which is a special non-working holiday in preparation for All Saints Day and All Souls Day in Nov.1 and 2. Meanwhile, there is another regular holiday on Nov.30 for Bonifacio Day.

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And in December, many of us have long days of rest to celebrate the holidays. It’s Christmas on Dec25, Rizal Day on the 30th and its the last day of the year on the 31st. Of course, there will be long breaks for students before Christmas.

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Apart from those mentioned, there is still a chance that a holiday could be declared on other days for some reasons. Said regular and non-working holidays was declared by President Rodrigo Duterte thru Proclamation No. 50 signed on Aug.16 and disseminated on Aug.18.

Now that you are aware of the remaining holidays this year, you can plan your next getaway ahead of time!

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