I woke up with an uneasy feeling though I am sure I completed 7-full hours of sleep. My head feels heavy with body pain which made jump back to my bed. This isn’t a good sign, I thought. It’s been like this for quite some time already. Depression is devouring me. I was thinking to just spend my entire day in bed but after almost 10 minutes of lying, I decided to get ready for the day.

I was heading out my dormitory when I spotted my friend Tin who’s waving at me. Tin and I applied at the same agency when we were still in the Philippines and got hired at the same company in Taiwan too.

“You look tired, Rose. Is there something wrong”, she asked.

All I can give is a dry smile. Tin didn’t give any further comment. Tin and I walked until we reached the company where we’re working. We do this usual routine as the company is just near our dormitory.

Tin and I went straight to the canteen area which is located on the 6th floor of the building where we often take our breakfast.

“You’re not the old Rose I used to know”, Tin started again in an attempt to cheer me up and change my mood.

“Tell me what’s bothering you”, she continued.

“You’re just noticing unwanted things”, I replied with a smile to hide the feeling of discomfort over the topic. Tin chuckled then scooped a spoonful of her favorite breakfast straight to her mouth. I stuck my tongue out at her and she almost chokes. Immediately she took a sip of her water.

It was halfway through our breakfast when Kat barged into our table. She was all smile.

“Good morning, Rose. Good morning, Tin. I think your breakfast look delicious”, she beamed. Her mood is so contagious that over our breakfast I forgot my bad situation. Kat is a good friend, she is almost a year ahead of us in the company and she became my immediate friend. She divulges all her secrets and problems to me. She even seeks my advice. Looking at her with this demeanor, I can’t contain my amusement so I smiled.

friends talking

“What is it”, Kat asked. She sounded a bit defensive.

“You look blooming today”, I answered playfully. “Unlike the other day when you told me about your boyfriend”, I continued.

“We’re doing well again”, she whispered using another dialect so as Tin, who’s heading to the washroom that moment, will not comprehend.

“Hmm”, I retorted giving her a teasing smile.

“Congratulations”, I whispered back. She chuckled like a high school girl talking to her crush.

“By the way, I have something to tell you” I started. “I want to go home. I have been thinking about this for a few days now. My heart is always heavy and I don’t want to work like this. It’s like I am losing more energy every day and it’s not a good indication” I explained.

Kat was in shock over my revelation as she was not expecting me to quit my job so soon and go back to the Philippines but I can see that she understood me.

“Are you sure about this plan? When do you want to go back”, she asked.

“You have to think things over again and if you’re already sure with your decision then you can go. I understand how you feel but I am concern about your situation when you’re already in the Philippines. You know how hard life is back home”, she said in her attempt to comfort and make me stay.

“I understand what you mean and thank you for your concern. I appreciate it.”

“I am already decided about this. Our shift supervisor also knew about my plan. I handed my resignation yesterday after our shift,” I explained.

“I understand”, she said then gave me an encouraging smile.

“You both look so serious”, Tin butted in which startled the two of us. Kat and I were so engrossed over our conversation that we were not able to feel Tin’s presence.

“Why not share the problem, if there is any, so we can try to resolve it”, Tin continued.

“Rose is leaving. Have you got any idea”, Kat retorted. I saw disbelief in Tin’s face.

“Yes, Kat is right. I am leaving. As you have noticed these past few days, I’m not performing well. It’s because I am no longer happy and also I am constantly feeling tired. I don’t want my mind and body to war against each other.”

Tin looked at me sadly.

“I am also longing to go back home but I am considering many situations”, she confided.

“We’re still friends even we’re far from each other, right?”

I nodded and placed my right hand over her arms. She smiled. Even Kat who’s watching us smiled.

What a relief. It feels so great to have friends around me who are supportive and selfless. I feel so blessed. I uttered a silent ‘thank you’ for I felt relieved after talking to them. I knew that we may part ways but we will remain friends. Moments like this cannot be forgotten instead they’re locked in the hearts to be treasured. The three of us held our hands together and made our way to out from the canteen and headed to our locker rooms. It was my last day at the company. I went in and settled all the necessary papers at the office before leaving the company.

On my way outside the company’s premises, I passed by at the guard’s house and saw three guards on-duty and they are having a good laugh. The sight reminds me of myself, Tin, and Kat. The happiness and sadness we shared then I realized one important thing in this life. It is such a great treasure to have friends with whom you can share your life with. Life is better when we have people around us who can hear and understand us.

About the Writer:

Rosebelle Dario is a Commerce major in Marketing graduate in 2006. She finished her degree at Saint Mary’s University in Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya. She was an Overseas Filipino worker (OFW) for more than 7 years. She also worked as an English as a Second Language (ESL) tutor to Japanese professionals who want to improve their English abilities especially speaking skills. Writing has been always in her heart; so she attended online training for writers to hone her writing skills. You can check her on her website: https://belladario85.wixsite.com/website.

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